About Us

Scuba Shack Koh Tao is dedicated to giving you the best diving experience available. Whether you are looking to give scuba diving a try for the first time, become a professional scuba diver, or anything in between, we will always go the extra mile to ensure that everyone has a great time!

Koh Tao is an island crowded with dive shops so we know our customers have Trigger Fish Koh Taolots of options, but they also have many reasons to come to us.

Scuba Shack Koh Tao

We offer an attentive and personalized experience so you’ll never feel like you’re just one of the crowd. We only dive in small groups with a maximum of four divers per Instructor or Divemaster. We aim to give each diver as much attention as they need and the best experience underwater during dives. We also leave early in the morning to avoid the crowds from some of the bigger dive shops on Koh Tao.

Our multilingual team are well experienced in and out of the water. Most of them have been diving our sites off Koh Tao for years, offering you the best chance to see all those elusive creatures you’ve been dreaming about. During those years they’ve also taught hundreds of students so you’ll never doubt that you are in good hands with one of our Instructors.

Scuba Shack Koh TaoWe take customer service very seriously at Scuba Shack Koh Tao. We have a perfect safety record and strongly believe in making sure all our customers are aware of and implement safe diving practices, however we do have a first aid kit and emergency oxygen system ready on the boat in case of any emergencies.

We all love what we do so much that you’ll usually find most of the Scuba Shack Dive Team still at the shop in the evening, talking over the day’s dives or just deciding where to go to dinner, so please stop by for a chat if you’re on the island or contact us now!

Photo credits: Photo 1 Trigger Fish at White Rock by Max Miller. Photo 2 Outside Scuba Shack by Fat Fish Movies.