Scuba Review

scuba review koh tao
If you’re a certified diver but haven’t been diving in a while (a year or longer) you will need to take a scuba review before going on any fun dives or starting your next course. Scuba Reviews are a great way to refresh all the dive theory and life-saving scuba diving skills that you may have forgotten since you took your Open Water course, and will give you confidence to enjoy your dives by having first reviewed your skills with an Instructor or Divemaster.

You’ll review key concepts you learned during the Open Water course before heading to the pool or on the afternoon boat to refresh your basic scuba skills in confined water. Then head out on a fun dive to finish up the afternoon.

All PADI courses and programs require you to answer a medical questionnaire. Please take a look at the PADI Medical form to find out if you should be examined by your Doctor before participating in Recreational Scuba Diving.

Price 2,200B including 1 fun dive